Quantitative Research

Your business is raising the bar. Now, let’s measure how high.

We are not just market research strategists; we’re basketball fans, parents, and craft beer enthusiasts with the singular goal of enhancing the consumer story behind each data point. Data provides objectivity and precision when we need clarity in ambiguous situations. We are champions of statistically valid findings that will guide your team’s decision-making. Market research firms should provide a bounty of information about your customers, and we believe it’s our job to reveal the trendline that parallels your business objectives.

Applications of Quantitative Research:

> Consumer Attitudes and Usage (A&U Research)
> Product or Service Launch Viability
> Advertising Testing
> Brand Lift Testing
> Brand Awareness and Perceptions Testing
> Usability Testing
> Product or Service Features and Benefits Testing
> Product or Service Concept Testing

Quantitative Methodologies:

> Online Surveys
> Telephone Surveys
> Intercept Surveys
> Consumer Survey Research
> B-B Survey Research
> Global Survey Research
> Customer Survey Research
> Target Audience Survey Research

Work With Us

Primary quantitative research solves business issues such as:

  • We need to know where our brand awareness, perception and interest stands today, and how to improve it.
  • We know we can build/make the product/service, but we don’t know how the buyer makes their decisions.
  • We need to know which of our campaigns are successful, and why.
  • We need to know how we’re performing against our stated deliverables and goals.
  • We need to know how we’re perceived versus our competition.
Bear Archery
Quantitative Case Study:

Bear Archery

How can your team leverage your brand strength in your next product launch? We worked with Bear Archery to determine their optimal position with a new consumer group.

Primary Quantitative Research is about confidence in your investments.

Examples of Our Approach

Consumer Attitudes & Usage (A & U Research Studies). From our Fortune 500 clients to startups, knowing your standing in the marketplace is fundamental to building a successful business strategy. Your products and brand have a relationship with your current consumers – and yes, even your soon-to-be audience! We sift through the multitude of data points to pinpoint your consumer’s usage habits. We can uncover opportunities for growth that may have been left unturned. What are the attitudes toward your brand or product, and your competitors’ brands or products? And what are the usage trends? These are fundamental data points that are essential for any marketing or product development strategy.

Product Launch Viability. Marketing research quantitative studies can be an investment that will save you grief in the future. Primary and secondary data reviews can arm your team with information to predict your new product success. The product launch is just the beginning – our research is built to inform your strategy through its lifespan.

Product Attribute Mix Prioritization. We maximize your internal or external consumer research and determine your next product development strategies. What are the “easy win”, low-cost goals, and which goals are “big bets” with high rewards and deep investments? What are the product features and benefits that matter to the buyer? Which will only add confusion, even if they are true or “better” than the competition. We create your feature/benefit priority list, so that investments are intelligent.

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