The Team

Our team is your team.

We happen to be an all-star group of creative thinkers and do-ers. Our backgrounds are purposely diverse, which works because we all share a curated problem-solving skillset and a natural competitive drive to make you better. All team members have worked client-side and agency-side, and will adopt your organization as their own.



Nate Heckman

While his business card reads marketing and research, Nate Heckman is at heart a social scientist. “Mass market does not exist without mankind,” said Heckman. Obvious, he agrees. “But in my line of business, it’s often ignored, with numbers taking the place of a nervous system.” His belief in the de-evolution of market intelligence even extends to his agency’s tagline, highlighting what his team does differently with their data: Tested on Humans. Nate is known for his passion, candor, competitiveness and ardent objectivity. For him, it is personal, which is what clients appreciate most.

Beyond stints internally running corporate market intelligence efforts for global brands, Heckman also has worked in a consulting capacity with a myriad of product and service entities, including AT&T, Wells Fargo, Starbucks, Disney and others.

Nate also coaches youth basketball in San Diego, and serves on the Advisory Board to the Fermanian School of Business at Point Loma Nazarene University.


Strategy & Qualitative

Cynthia Langston

A graduate of Northwestern University, Cynthia Langston began her career in qualitative research as a strategic planner in NYC advertising agencies, where she conducted focus groups, in-depth interviews and on-site research for the agencies’ wide variety of clients. To gain client-side perspective, she then assumed the role of Consumer Research Director at Diageo, where she continued moderating, along with managing and executing a broad range of quantitative studies.

Cynthia then decided to focus her career on qualitative research and marketing/strategic planning consulting. Since then, she’s conquered a vast list of category experience that includes top global brands of beauty, personal care, coffee, soft drinks, snacks, fashion, retail, finance, travel and entertainment.

In her free time, Cynthia enjoys swimming, writing and teaching French to her three small children who adore her enough to never give her a break.


Project Director

Jyoti Jhita

Jyoti is most curious about the human decision-making process. She has spent the greater part of her career exploring the psychological and emotional drivers of the individual, and uses her academic research expertise to understand consumer motivations.

A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, Jyoti is trained first and foremost as a researcher, ensuring the validity and precision normally associated with scholarly studies. From longitudinal diaries, to in-person group studies, Jyoti takes any opportunity to puzzle-piece the best methodology to tackle business issues.

Her interest in qualitative design led her to marketing research, where she gets to observe and understand consumers in their natural habitat!


Account Manager & Client Services

Carol Borkowski

As an executive interviewer moderator, project manager, or strategist, Carol Borkowski takes a hands-on and honest approach with all aspects of the marketing research process for client.

Carol has over 20 years marketing and market intelligence experience, which includes evaluating customer behavior, planning/implementing marketing strategies and executing the release of new customer products and services.

Prior to becoming a market research consultant, Carol held a position as the marketing director for a major Southern California real estate developer and served on the Sales and Marketing Council for the Building Industry Association San Diego Council.


Project Coordinator

Rachel Aparicio

Rachel is a former PhD candidate with an MSc (Masters of Social Science) from the London School of Economics. Her areas of interest and expertise include social identity (gender, race, sexuality, etc.), popular culture (TV, movies, comics, etc.), internet culture, and fandom. Since leaving academia, Rachel has become an experienced market researcher, specializing in qualitative data collection and analysis. During her tenure in market research, she has worked for a range of businesses including a branding firm, a major, global market research firm, and multiple boutique start-ups. She is a San Diego native who enjoys taking walks with her pug Rufus.


Marketing & Research Strategy

Bob Lansdowne

Bob is a strategic marketeer. His passion is analyzing the situation, understanding it, developing insights and ideas, and putting these together to develop strategies and tactics that will move a brand in the marketplace. His consultancy includes marketing research, strategic planning, brand positioning and new products.

Bob spent 4 years in corporate marketing at Lipton in product management working on a variety of brands. He helped form Lipton’s first new products department and led development of a variety of Lipton soup and side dish products. He has been deeply involved in marketing, new product development and positioning brands ever since.

His agency career included Ogilvy & Mather, Tracy-Locke, J. Walter Thompson, GSD&M and Bozell in positions at all levels from account executive to president.

Bob has a BA, Cum Laude from Amherst College, and an MBA from Columbia Business School.


Qualitative Insights Senior Manager

Doris A. Payne-Camp

Doris Payne-Camp is an experienced researcher and strategist specializing in qualitative market research. She has successfully moderated countless focus groups throughout the U.S., and has a knack for gaining keen insight in in-depth telephone and in-person interviews to assist clients in making actionable decisions about new development concepts and marketing challenges, including an expertise in the Baby Boomer market dynamics.

Her professional experience includes 20 years as a non-profit executive in banking and real estate organizations. In another chapter of her varied career, she was a public relations director for public education entities. She is an advocate for the homeless and those experiencing domestic violence, and is a public policy wonk. Her latest volunteer efforts focus on a foundation that provides education and information for ExPats retiring (or considering retiring) in Mexico.