Holistic Health & Wellness Industry Market Research Case Study

Market Research Case Study for Sports Sector
Client: Nava Health & Vitality Centers
Category: Consumer Health & Wellness

The Business Issue:
Low Conversion Rate

Nava Health & Vitality Center – a boutique retail integrated health and wellness service concept – launched “The Nava Method,” positioned as a systematic approach to health, wellness, and vitality, targeted at the discretionarily health-conscious consumer seeking a proactive approach outside the systems and limitations of traditional healthcare and health insurance.

Why are consumers attracted to our concept but not converting to purchase?

The Techniques

  • In-depth interviews with
    1) Full-stage clients,
    2) “Incomplete” clients,
    3) “Lost Prospects”

The Recommendations

  • Customize the process for different client types.

  • Create an “upfront pricing” policy.

  • Build out a more robust USP, so clients know what to expect.

  • Recruit ambassadors to capitalize on the peer influences and need for validation.

The Bottom Line


  • Shifted towards a more medically-focused marketing & operational strategy

  • Conversion rates increased dramatically by over 30%

  • Retail customers (accounts) felt more connected and valued.

  • Delivered an enhanced client experience in both the Centers and Call Center

  • Produced significant expense savings

Client Commentary:

“Stitch Marketing Research was able to grasp our complex business model quickly and, as a result, provide a strategically-sound research recommendation that led to conclusions which ultimately led to profound business results and financial improvements for our business.”

Jennifer Realo, EVP & Chief Product Officer

Nava Health & Vitality Center