Consumer In-depth Interviews

For research questions that require more than “yes” or “no” answers, we use In-Depth Interviews.

In-person, virtual, or occasionally, phone interviews are a way to gain insights to the nuanced perspectives of your target consumer. Because of the high-intensity level of time and depth required, market research firms will conduct a handful of interviews as an aggregate to more extensive methodologies (e.g., surveys, focus groups). However, interviews allow for a targeted approach to specific characteristics of your consumer demographics.

For example, a [wellness service company] may want to understand the reasoning of a potential client when deciding on which holistic approaches to consider, and how to convert incomplete consumers to full cycle clients. The in-depth interview process can create a narrative case study that can be extrapolated out to create a target profile. Interviews can also set the groundwork for larger scale data collection, providing direction for surveys or diary studies.

At Stitch Marketing Research, we work with your team to generate a structure for any discussion-based research method. We expect your feedback and want to ensure we are asking the right questions that will dictate your actionable insights.

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