Focus Groups

Focus Groups provide a window into the way consumers talk and think about your goods and services.

Similar to Consumer In-depth Interviews, focus groups allow our team at Stitch Marketing Research to work with small groups (as many as 12 individuals) at a time. We’re able to ask “why” as we would in one-on-one interviews, but with the added benefit of group members’ ability to build off of sentiments and ideas. Our expert moderators can guide a larger-scale conversation while creating space to hear unique opinions. Not only do our facilitators manage recording and time maximization, but they can steer the discussion in a way that illuminates the market intelligence your team requires.

A [sporting goods provider] may want to understand a casual basketball player’s decision-making process when considering an in-ground installation versus a “portable” basketball hoop for the home. Conducting focus groups provides a window into the average hoop owners drivers in purchasing, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Our market research firm will create a customized guide for discussion, with audio or video recording capabilities. Whether we are testing messaging, gaining feedback on product implementations, or simply providing exploratory research on upcoming business ventures, a focus group can give your team greater understanding into your consumer’s motivations.

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