Qualitative Research

Our Tested on Humans methods reveal complex consumer motivations.

You are the product experts; we are the people experts. We take a deep dive into your customers’ thoughts and behaviors to discern their decision-making process. After over a decade of helping clients in a wide range of product and service industries, we know that understanding your consumer’s motivations is integral to creating successful products and marketing.

Marketing research companies begin qualitative work with an empathic mindset. We’re ready to sit across the table from your target audience to listen first, then ask questions later. From our local San Diego partners to your global consumers, we connect with the human experience on an individual and group level. We use the subjective experience to uncover the nuanced patterns of your target audience, leading to actionable game plans for your next business venture.

Applications of Qualitative Research:

> Brand Equity & Extension Research
> Positioning & Differentiation
> Product Launch Viability
> Communication Reaction Evaluation
> Usability/expectation/satisfaction
> Product Attribute Mix Prioritization
> Target Market Identification & Profiling

Qualitative Methodologies:

> One-on-one In-Depth Interviews
> Focus Groups
> Ethnography
> Triads
> Intercept Interviews

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Just A Few Business Strategies We Can Implement with Qualitative Research

  • Maximizing your audience reach beyond your competition’s radius
  • Aligning your campaign to your customer’s decision-making
  • Fine-tuning your overarching demographic research to your core, most important and valuable, customer group
Qualitative Case Study:


Which features resonate with your target audience? We helped Goalrilla determine their products’ key benefits to maintain their position as leaders in the sporting goods industry.

Primary qualitative research, at the heart, is about attacking a human business issue by going direct to humans, listening first, and asking questions second.

Examples of Our Approach

Consumer In-Depth Interviewing. Let’s discover what your consumers really think. Through in-depth interviews and focus groups, we cultivate authentic connections in highly focused discussions. Our expert interviewers allow your target consumer to take the lead, maximizing ideation and fostering creative thinking. In-depth interviews shed light on consumer belief systems and behaviors, which can lead to a proactive response to business issues.

Brand Equity & Extension Research. Your consumer’s expectations are higher than ever, and your competition is ever-evolving. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your current brand equity through surveys and interviews provides a baseline for your brand strategy team. We want you to be successful in reaching the widest range of your target audience.

Positioning & Differentiation. We can help you leverage the authentic, unique elements that define your brand. We examine the competitive landscape to determine areas of overlap, as well as strategies for your team to set your products apart. Our many branding and advertising agency partners across the country lean on Stitch Marketing Research for the strategic brand planning insights that drive positioning and messaging.

Usability Testing. We are researchers at heart who believe in the power of trial before launch. Usability testing provides a clear picture of how your target audience will interact with your products. By creating an immersive experience, we can foreshadow your consumer’s expectations before your product hits the market.

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