Basketball Equipment Industry Market Research Case Study

Market Research Report For Basketball Equipment Industry Market
Client: Goalrilla
Category: Sporting Goods
(Consumer at-home basketball hoops)

The Business Issue

Goalrilla brand basketball hoops is the market leader for in-ground at-home systems in the U.S. The product is known for extreme durability and accurate playability. However, the Goalrilla team recognized that the lack of a product in the “portable” basketball hoop category was hurting their opportunity for further sales through major national sporting goods stores. The competition in portable hoops was perceived as weak, and Goalrilla’s objective was to “own basketball.” What are the drivers of consumer choices in portable at-home basketball hoops, and how can the Goalrilla product and brand be leveraged to create a family of products that dominates the market?

The Techniques

The Recommendations

  • Certain hoop features are highly desirable, but difficult for consumers to test. Create educational tools and position Goalrilla as the clear leader.

  • Brand awareness and loyalty are low in the category, because of the commoditization at retail – so Goalrilla must reinforce a strong brand to building recognition and loyalty.

The bottom line


  • New product development and engineering teams adjusted their focus to products and features that matter most to consumers.

  • The brand team adjusted the development of naming, branding, and visual design strategies to make a compelling product lineup that will get noticed, remembered, and preferred.

  • Goalrilla sold into retail as a brand and a family of products, not as a single item.

Client Commentary:

“In our business, we are always trying to identify partners, partners that we work with to sell our products to consumers, partners who help us build or ship our products and partners that help us develop our brands. And research, for us, is a brand-building process. There are lots of research firms that can provide us with a survey, and there are others that are excellent at running focus groups and delivering data. Stitch is great at these types of things, don’t get me wrong, but it is not why we work with them. For us, our business, and our brands, Stitch distinguishes itself by understanding our brands, our customers, and consumers and most importantly delivering insights. It might sound cliché, but bottom line it’s the actionable insights that allow us to make the correct decisions for our consumers and our brands.”

David Vogrin, Director of Marketing