Hunting & Fishing Industry Market Research Case Study

Market Research Case Study for Hunting & Fishing Sector
Client: Bear Archery
Category: Hunting Equipment
(New product/category exploration)

The Business Issue

Bear Archery is a leader in bowhunting, with a long history and a strong consumer following. The brand identified a new product segment that could be a growth opportunity, but was unsure about: 1) the true market size, 2) what mattered to consumers in that market, and 3) if the Bear brand made sense in that space. There was confidence in the team’s ability to design and develop a product that can be innovative and effective. But, who is that consumer, and what are the opportunities in that market for us and our brands…?

The Techniques

  • Phase 1: In-depth interviews with 1) consumers who own the type of new product in question, and 2) retailers and industry media with close knowledge of the trends

  • Phase 2: Quantitative nationwide survey with users of the product in question, testing theories from Phase 1 and identifying any product and brand challenges

The Recommendations

  • Leverage the Bear Archery brand name. There were solid expectations for new and different products coming from that brand because consumers have a built-in assumption of legitimacy, authenticity, and quality.

  • Get in front of the consumer in a grassroots, personal, social, and user-generated way. These techniques are already working in a highly peer-influenced market.

The Bottom Line


  • Product development teams are moving forward more confidently, eliminating some possibilities and bringing others to the front.

  • Brand attributes of the “parent” brand will be leveraged with the new product line, capitalizing on those consumer expectations that will bring the Bear product to the top of the list in a crowded category.

Client Commentary:

“The way that Stitch Marketing Research was able to comprehend the market so quickly has allowed us to have much higher confidence in the direction of our program. In fact, based on the findings we have made many alterations to the business plan. Stitch Marketing Research found things we were too close to grasping about the market we live in every day.”

Luke Thorkildsen, Category Product Manager

Bear Archery