Survey design and implementation provides a measurable area of data for your research.

One of the most widely used resources for marketing research, surveys are a way to create a quantitative framework for subjective data. Surveys in their most basic form are questionnaires that individuals respond to that can be distributed virtually, in-person, or sometimes over the telephone.

The strongest questionnaire developers can draft questions that any consumer would be able to 1) clearly understand and that are 2) objective, or do not lead the consumer to respond in a biased way. There are a variety of items that we can use to create quantifiable feedback, from yes/no items, multiple-choice, scale ratings, to more subjective open-ended questions. Our marketing research agency can also build off of insight gained from interviews and focus groups, creating surveys that are pinpointed to the target consumers’ motivations.

We have experience not only implementing survey methodologies in our research practices but also [auditing and re-configuring] your in-house surveys for our clients. Stitch Marketing Research can ensure that your internal research practices are current and up to our high standards. Our team will cover the bases, including respondent recruitment, screening, data collection, and analysis of results. Whether your target consumers are our San Diego neighbors or are based around the globe, surveys can provide a strong indication of widespread consumer beliefs and reactions to your goods and services.

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