Learn more about some of the tactics we employ to get results.

Stitch Marketing Research can be a demanding partner. We will push for tangible business issues that can be addressed via market intelligence. While we enjoy discovery and working with great people and companies, we only exist if we can help identify and resolve a business issue for an organization.

Professional Market Research Services:

For research questions that require more than “yes” or “no” answers, we use In-Depth Interviews. In-person, virtual, or occasionally, phone interviews are a way to gain insights to the nuanced perspectives of your target consumer.

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Focus Groups provide a window into the way consumers talk and think about your goods and services. Similar to Consumer In-depth Interviews, focus groups allow our team at Stitch Marketing Research to work with small groups (as many as 12 individuals) at a time.

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Survey design and implementation provides a measurable area of data for your research. One of the most widely used resources for marketing research, surveys are a way to create a quantitative framework for subjective data.

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